Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers 2017

Judy and I have posted holiday gift recommendations in various publications for the past several years. We usually receive a number of service and product samples each year, test them, and bring forth our buying recommendations in our annual Holiday Gift Guide.

Out of eleven tests this year, we feel comfortable recommending the following seven unique gift items for your consideration in 2017.

Carrie’s Travel Ready Health and Beauty Aids

Tired of transferring beauty products into suitable TSA travel containers? We tested a line of travel-ready hair and skincare products that are designed to overcome specific travel destination issues like dry skin and unruly hair.

Carrie’s travel-size beauty products, such as rested eye cream, rehydration serum, age moisturizer, etc., are prepackaged in TSA travel compliant containers, and the product quality is excellent!

You can build your own travel kit, and the company will deliver right to your door.

We also like the fact that these products are made in the USA.

Check out the full line at

Silipos Active Gel Products

During our travels this year we did a good bit of hiking. We were happy to have along several samples of gel items from Silipos Active Gels. 

These products are specifically designed to reduce abrasion during high impact activities, like hiking and jogging. Wayne injured his toe, and the Silipos Active Gel Toe Protector made hiking while recovering bearable.

The Silipos product line boasts a solution for the most common problems that active athletes, travelers, and tourists face, e.g., sprains, blisters, corns, bunions, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis.

For more information about these great stocking-stuffers made in the USA, look here.


When someone on your gift list is planning to visit a new city that is on the CityPASS list, you have a great gift in the making – A CityPASS Ticket Book.

This year we enjoyed the attractions of San Francisco using our CityPass book.

Next year we plan to use a CityPASS book to see the important tourist sites in Seattle. On the list – the Seattle Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Harbor Tour, Pacific Science Center, and the Woodland Park Zoo.

The CityPASS saves about 45% of the cost of purchasing the included tickets separately. It’s like seeing almost half the main attractions of a city for free.

CityPASS is available for the following locations: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Toronto, and now Southern California.

For more information go to

Dryel Stain Pen

A great idea for people traveling or just busy and on the go.

We received our sample of the Dryel Stain Pen, and had occasion to try it out on our very next writing trip. Wayne dripped some of Holland America’s secret BBQ sauce on his silk tie. It had already started to dry when Judy noticed it. Wayne made a quick retreat to the stateroom, stuffed a piece of paper napkin under the backing of the tie, administered the Dryel Stain Pen to the mess, and voila, a minor tragedy resolved – and a favorite tie saved.

The ingredients of the pen appeared to push the stain through the fabric and on to the absorbent paper behind. Quite amazing.

The stain pen worked on every fabric we tested – including dry-clean-only clothes.

Easy to carry and great to have on hand when you travel. The soft applicator helps to remove stains without harming the fabric.

The Dryel Stain Pen is available on-line – search for Dryel Stain Pen.

Books for avid travel readers:

Atlas of Untamed Places

Like to travel on the wild side? We have a book for you and your friends to read before you plan your next extreme adventure.

Atlas of Untamed Places was written by a senior staff writer for Geographical, the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society. Chris Fitch grew up in wild tropical rain forests, but eventually found his way to London, where he now resides.

His journeys take us through fearsome landscapes, feral environments, and the untouched and inhospitable wildernesses that make up our excitingly wild world.

We were fascinated by the chapter on Chernobyl. After being abandoned for decades, it has now returned to the wild, free from human intervention.

This is a travel book like no other. Expect to find brief, but compelling descriptions of each location, unusual maps, and interesting photography.

Atlas of Untamed Places is a fascinating read. Search the internet for best prices.

Havana Forever

It’s been many years since Havana, Cuba has seen large numbers of tourists. If Havana happens to be on your Bucket List – or that of a friend, you might like the new 2nd edition book entitled Havana Forever by Kenneth Treister.

Here’s an opportunity to tour the Cuban capital’s architecture, landmarks, and public places. A literary and pictorial step back in time.

Havana was a dynamic city that was removed from world progress by years of isolation. One advantage of its social exile has been the preservation of its decades-old pedestrian harmony and unique way of life.

The book is beautifully illustrated and captures the glory days of Havana when the capital was visited by many world celebrities who went to play in a city that did not sleep.

We believe that Havana has a long way to go (if ever) to return to its days of glory, but for those interested in its past and its future potential, this table-top book will prove a satisfying place to begin your study.

For best prices, Internet search for Havana Forever Book

Travel Insurance

Finally, our last recommendation is one that we know to be important. Travel insurance has saved many a vacation for family and loved ones. Too many things can go wrong when you travel, and travel insurance is the best way to avoid major disappointments, financial hardships, and stress.

Travel insurance can cover everything related to your trip. Some examples are non-refundable tickets, travel interruptions, and medical expenses. Insurance can be complicated, and travel insurance is no exception, so talk to the experts.

Whenever we travel, we are protected by Allianz Global Assist travel insurance.

Before you or a family member or friend travels, consider Allianz Global Assist insurance. It can be the best holiday gift of all.


Ho Ho

So there you have it friends. You can’t go wrong with any of the above goodies for yourself or those on your gift list.

Wishing you Happy Holidays, and a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous 2018!

Wayne and Judy

The opinions expressed in our articles are the journalists alone and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any entity. Other than the test samples, we are not compensated for our endorsement of products or services in the Gift Guide.

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