Unparalleled Accommodations Near Pennsylvania Dutch Country

“Sometimes it is the out of the way places that provide the best accommodations for the weary traveler.”

The Main Street Inn – a Boutique Hotel

Most of the time, our readers’ recommendations and comments are about inns and hotels located in well-traveled places like Los Angeles, New York, or London, but the really fun accommodations to write about are frequently on roads less traveled. This article is about just such a hotel.

The Main Street Boutique Hotel in Kutztown, Pennsylvania

We would never have discovered this cozy Berks County gem if it were not for a subscriber’s recommendation. It was quite a bit out of our way when we recently visited Connecticut, but it turned out to be worth the extra drive and effort to experience the superb hospitality of this hotel in a small Pennsylvania town.

The vibe

The Main Street Inn is a Victorian style lodge with eight spacious rooms. The original building dates back to the 1870’s and contains four bedrooms. Age still conveys an enormous influence in the recently expanded structure. The architects were true to the style of the original building when they painstakingly added four guestrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and laundry area.

Walking across the threshold of the Main Street Inn is like a journey back to great-grandma’s house. The feeling of intimate comfort and welcome is immediate.

The grand parlor is to your left, and the spacious dining room is to your right – just where you would expect them to be. The old wooden staircase is straight ahead and notwithstanding the steep ascent, it invites a climb – just as it did a century ago.

There is not much of a registration desk at the Inn – in fact; it is neatly tucked away under the front stairs.

The guestrooms

An 1870 flashback – lavishly decorated with beautiful antique furnishings and tasteful décor. There’s a cozy fireplace, and the hallmark claw-foot tub, but there are also modern amenities such as a large shower, cozy bed and elegant linens, air-conditioning, flat screen TVs, and free internet access.

The Victorian exterior

The Inn’s exterior is colorfully painted in vibrant greens, reds, purples, and gold, to compliment the lush plants and trees surrounding the building. The scene is as tranquil as any painting of small town Americana.

A friendly welcome

If you arrive at the start of a weekend, don’t miss the hotel’s complimentary Friday and Saturday night Wine & Hors d’oeuvres Hour from 6pm to 7pm. It’s a good opportunity to meet the other guests, and to be surprised by the pleasant wines being quietly produced in this part of Pennsylvania.

At the time we visited, they were serving a delicious breakfast with the price of the room, but we recently heard that they are now also serving dinners for guests wanting to sample some good homemade Pennsylvania cooking. Based on the cost of the rooms, our guess is that the new dinner menu is full of tasty dishes at reasonable prices.

Nice little extras

Coffee and snacks are always available in the guest kitchen area, where you will frequently find some good wines being offered free to all guests over 21. In addition, each room has a refrigerator containing complimentary beverages.

More about that breakfast

Beginning at 7 am the Inn serves a mouth-watering breakfast consisting of quiche, crème brulee French toast, homemade waffles, bagels, English muffins, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, cereal, and homemade jam. Want something special? Ask the cook, they aim to please.

If you go

Anyone driving from the New York City area to Pennsylvania’s capital in Harrisburg will likely take Interstate 78. During the drive, they will see signs to Kutztown at exit 54A. Kutztown is located between Allentown to the north and Reading to the south on US 222.

Because Kutztown is less than a two-hour drive from the New York City metropolitan area, we recommend a visit to this delightful and romantic little inn to city folks looking for serenity and quiet and an opportunity to rejuvenate.

Things to do

Kutztown is home to Kutztown University and has the customary attractions of a vibrant student community. The natural wonder of Crystal Caves is also just a short five-miles away. For more information about the town and the Main Street Inn look at the Inn’s website at http://www.kutztownmainstreetinn.com/ or call 610-683-0401.

Happy travels!

Be sure to see our photo gallery of the Main Street Inn by clicking *here.*

© Travels with Wayne and Judy Bayliff

Photos © Wayne and Judy Bayliff

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